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Women in Games

Happy International Women’s Day and our commitment to #ChoosetoChallenge

Women in Games is proud to announce that we will be partnering with Hangar 13 and 2K to celebrate women for the month of March (starting from 8th March) in association with Women’s History and Heritage month and for International Women’s Day. We are looking to challenge stereotype of women in the video games industry using the International Women’s Day theme #ChoosetoChallenge and will be celebrating women by showcasing their roles in the video games industry alongside revealing their other interests. This will highlight these amazing, multifaceted individuals, their roles in the industry and how varied the industry truly is.


We now invite our communities to come and get involved with this amazing celebration. If you would like to be part of the activity please email with your name, job title and company, another hobby or activity that you love (e.g. baking, running, sewing pyjamas, cosplay, DnD, etc.) and two photos (one of you working/headshot and one doing the activity that you love).

First ever Global Women in Games Career Event and Recruitment Expo Launches

Women in Games is proud to present our first global Careers and Recruitment Expo, on the 10th March 2021 against the backdrop of Women’s History and Heritage Month, within which International Women’s Day celebrates women’s achievements and potential across all fields of society.

The event will provide a day-long playbook of possibilities, designed to bring women from all over the world together with industry-leading companies to explore the working world of the games and eSports sectors. they will be able to meet companies actively committed to gender equity and parity. Recruiters, studios and businesses will be able to promote the industry to the Women in Games community and beyond. The event will open doors, make connections, explore career pathways, and offer opportunities for innovation and dialogue.

The event will consist of sessions from some amazing speakers, booths hosted by an array of video games companies and studios including Hangar 13/2K, Kwalee and Outplay to name a few, plus a fantastic way to network with fellow members of the industry.

Tickets will be available soon (and more information to come), but if you would like to hear more about sponsorship or how you can get your organisation involved in the event please email

Abertay University becomes a Founding Educational Ambassador for Women in Games

Women in Games welcomes Abertay University as a Founding Educational Ambassador following the announcement of the program in July 2020. Abertay University maintains a high standard for its commitment to education in the video games space and provides innovative, relevant and future focussed programmes.

Dr Dayna Galloway (Head of Games & Arts) and Prof Ruth Falconer (Head of Games Technology & Maths) stated: “We fully support the vital work that Women In Games champions to ensure that the games industry is a place where diverse voices and talent can emerge and flourish. By joining the educational ambassadors program we are committed to creating events, opportunities and conversations that lead to a positive impact in the industry and across wider games culture.”

Women in Games CEO Marie-Claire Isaaman said: “Women in Games has a long history of working with Abertay University Games and Computing Departments. The University was the first in the country to establish computing and games programmes in 1997 and is now ranked as the best in Europe in the prestigious global Princeton Review. Therefore we are honoured that they have become a Founding Educational Ambassador, further cementing our established relationship. We look forward to the impactful work we will jointly embark on.”

Rachel Moss appointed as Projects Director

We are excited to announce that Rachel Moss will now be joining us as Projects Director on the Executive Board at Women in Games.

Rachel has worked for over 15 years making ideas happen in the broadcast, advertising, digital, and social content industries, leading teams responsible for the successful delivery of projects for high profile brands which include KitKat, Dove, Duracell, HSBC, Shell, BBC, Grolsch, Peroni, and BT.   She worked on some of the highest rating TV programs in Australia, was an early adopter of entertainment formats for online and has gone on to create award-winning work for BT, HSBC and the NHS to name a few. 

She built the successful social content studio PACE at JWT from the ground up,  which included rethinking approaches to production and creative work through industry change.  She is recognised as being a dynamic, passionate leader with strengths in strategy, production, leadership  and pushing innovation.

Rachel is a champion of new forms of storytelling at the intersection of new media, tech and culture. 

Rachel stated, “I am thrilled to be joining the Executive Board of Women in Games at a pivotal time for both the organisation and the industry.   Gaming continues to experience major mainstream growth and the creative potential of games is massive with 5G and AR on the horizon — women have a vital role to play in the evolution of the industry and in shaping the potential of games.   As Projects Director I will be focussing on supporting the many exciting collaborations and initiatives Women in Games have coming up in the pipeline and further developing the organisations collaborative work”. 

Marie Claire, CEO of Women in Games, commented “I am so pleased to announce Rachel Moss is joining the Women in Games Executive Board as Projects Director. Rachel has extensive knowledge and experience within the creative industries and played a big part in the successful delivery of the Women in Games Global Conference 2020, as Executive Producer. She has been a fully committed member of our Advisory Board and this move onto our Executive Board, to  contribute at a strategic level driving the numerous projects we are currently engaged with, is a huge gain for us. Welcome Rachel!

Women in Games Ambassadors now in 52 countries incl. Jordan, Singapore, Israel, Turkey and UAE.

Women in Games is pleased to announce the appointment of a further 39 Ambassadors bringing the total to 446 in 52 different countries. We welcome our first ambassador from Jordan, Jana Albdour. From Singapore, Kah Hui Teo. From Israel, Fida Zourob. From Turkey Nesligül Deniz Kolaşinli and from United Arab Emirates, Graziel May B.Togonon.

Women in Games is a non-partisan, not-for-profit organisation founded in 2009, grown from grassroots to be the leading global force on gender equality in the gaming business. It works to achieve full and lasting equity and parity throughout the gaming and esports industry pipelines and beyond. Its vision is of not only an industry but a culture and community free of gender discrimination, where equality of opportunity, treatment and conditions empowers girls and women from all backgrounds to achieve full potential.

Ambassadors are grouped by geographical region and we welcome Natalie Cook from Scotland. Erin Spence from the North of the UK. From the Midlands, James Vickers and Kate Parker. We also welcome Hannah Jarvis, Holly Reddaway, Lois Page, Maiiri Nolan and Nisha Bhalla from London and the South East. From the South of the UK, Joy Dey, Joyce Brabban and Sophie van den Boomen.

From mainland Europe, we welcome Anna Roth from Sweden. Yuliya Oleshko from Spain. From Denmark, Nanna Falk. Dominia Szot and Maria Borys-Piątkowska from Poland. Michaela Plack from Czech Republic. From Germany, Priscila Gacio. Vicky Lagarre from Belgium and from Greece, Dr Victoria Bloom.

From the North American region, we welcome Alexa Velez, Alexandra Takei, Annie Lee, Greden Camacho, Kris Gruchalla, Priya Talreja and Soureya Boudhabhay. In the Rest of the World region we welcome Ashley van Wyngaard from Australia. Jo Eyre from South Africa. M.Cecilia Bustos from Argentina. From New Zealand, Maya Ashizumi-Munn and from India, Shweta Patil and Tanishka.

“Women in Games is proud of all our Ambassadors, who increasingly join us from all corners of the world to support us with our vision and mission.” says Marie-Claire Isaaman, CEO Women in Games. You can see the full list of Ambassadors here.

Women in Games are now pausing new applications until 2021 as part of the search for a new sponsor to support the scale of the programme. Any interested sponsors should contact our Ambassador Director, Gemma Johnson-Brown on hello [at]

Women in Games and eFuse team up to offer scholarships for future gaming industry leaders

Women In Games and eFuse team up to offer three $1,000 #ForTheGamers WIGJ Scholarships for future gaming industry leaders in the Class of 2021

We are pleased to announce that we will be adding eFuse as a  corporate ambassador. Women in Games will be utilizing the eFuse platform to offer three USA and Canadian focused Women in Games scholarships in the amount of $1,000.  The opportunity will be focused on graduating seniors in the Class of 2021, who have aspirations to continue their path in the gaming industry.

Students will submit an application, including answers to three questions —

  • What has your gaming journey been to this point?
  • What impact would this scholarship have on you personally as you enter into college and strive for a career in the gaming industry?
  • Who is your biggest mentor or hero in gaming? Why?

As a corporate ambassador, eFuse has committed to important investments to help grow the Women in Games mission in North America and globally.  From scholarships to programming, eFuse and WIGJ will work hand in hand to provide much-needed opportunities in the industry.  Specifically, the #ForTheGamers Women in Games Scholarships are identifying motivated young women interested in advancing themselves in gaming and education. All applications must be submitted by December 31st, 2020. The selection process will take place in January 2021. The winner(s) will be awarded a scholarship made out to the university/college of their choice.

Marie-Claire Isaaman, CEO of Women in Games stated, “Women in Games are delighted to welcome eFuse to our Corporate Ambassador programme. I am particularly pleased that our first initiative partnering with eFuse is in the educational sector, where we are encouraging more young women to consider further education with a view to working in the games industry. The games industry is full of exciting opportunities and Women in Games is determined to support new female talent in taking first steps towards a rewarding career path.

We encourage graduating seniors in the class of 2021 to make an application utilizing the eFuse platform by December 31st 2020 so that our first 3 scholarships can be awarded in January 2021.”

The eFuse platform enables gamers and business professionals to build out an online digital portfolio and then to use that portfolio to connect to opportunities and other people within the community. Since eFuse’s launch, the company has made an impact on one of its core values with the release of the #ForTheGamers Fund.  This fund has provided scholarships, giveaways, prize pools for the gaming community.

“The mission of Women in Games is so important to the ecosystem of this industry.  Marie-Claire and the leadership team have committed themselves to pushing equality and equity forward for women in gaming.  We are 100% committed to helping this mission move forward in North America.  These scholarships are an investment into the future leaders and we want to make sure all individuals are represented.” states Matthew Benson, CEO & Founder of

More About eFuse:

As the ‘LinkedIn for gamers,’ eFuse is solving esports’ talent discovery challenge by helping players get discovered. Gamers enroll with their in-game credentials, upload highlight reels, and complete a resume.  With a comprehensive portfolio prepared, users apply to over 12,000 listings including scholarships, internships, jobs, and competitive tournaments. Be it an aspiring gamer looking to go pro, a student hoping to be scouted by a college program, or a skilled animator exploring a career in game modeling, eFuse is esports’ home for qualified talent.  As a two-sided marketplace, however, eFuse also provides organizers, scouts, and industry executives access to the platform’s brightest stars with leaderboards, community recruitment events, and regular, combine-like showcases. 20+ employees operate out of their Columbus, Ohio headquarters.

ISFE becomes the latest Corporate Ambassador for Women in Games

Women in Games welcomes ISFE as Corporate Ambassadors

Since 1998, ISFE has ensured that the voice of a responsible games ecosystem is heard and understood, that its creative and economic potential is supported and celebrated, and that players around the world continue to enjoy great video game playing experiences. ISFE represents the interests of Europe’s – and the world’s – most successful, creative and most innovative game publishers and developers.

ISFE CEO Simon Little said: “It is essential that the industry strives to reflect gender equality in its workforce and in the video games themselves. Women currently represent only 30% of the workforce in the digital sector in the EU and, according to national surveys, 28% of workers in the video game sector are female.[1] We look forward to working with Women in Games to drive and promote good practice across Europe for the good of both the industry and the playing community.”

Women in Games CEO Marie-Claire Isaaman said: “We are delighted that ISFE has joined Women in Games as Corporate Ambassadors. They have partnered with us at a pivotal moment of growth as our global reach expands. There are multiple ways we will work together across education, policy and business to support our vision and female community of practice, which is represented in 41 countries and growing. We are thrilled to have the European voice of trade associations for developers and publishers with us for the event.”

[1] EU Women in Digital Scoreboard 2019; UK Games Industry Census 2019.



Women in Games announce new Corporate Ambassador – TT Games

We is thrilled to announce TT Games as the latest Corporate Ambassador to join the Women in Games family. They recently were huge supporters for our successful global virtual conference.

Vicky MacMillan from TT Games stated, “We are proud to be partnering with WIG as both event sponsor and Corporate Ambassador in full support of their values and goals to help create cultures, environments and communities that promote equality of opportunity to empower all women to achieve their full potential.”

Marie-Claire Isaaman, CEO for Women in Games, stated “We are absolutely delighted to welcome TT Games, a leading publisher for young gamers and their families, into the Women in Games family as Corporate Ambassadors. We have had great Individual Ambassadors from the studio, so this progression is fantastic. They have had a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion and we look forward to creating some bold initiatives together.”

Women in Games Ambassadors push past 400 to represent the not for profit in 47 countries

Women in Games is pleased to announce the appointment of a further 46 Ambassadors bringing the total to 407 in 47 different countries. We welcome our first ambassador from Sudan, Wisam Shaheen, Belle Howard from Slovenia and from Malaysia, Aisyah Ambok.

Women in Games is a non-partisan, not-for-profit organisation founded in 2009, grown from grassroots to be the leading global force on gender equality in the gaming business. It works to achieve full and lasting equity and parity throughout the gaming and esports industry pipelines and beyond. Its vision is of not only an industry but a culture and community free of gender discrimination, where equality of opportunity, treatment and conditions empowers girls and women from all backgrounds to achieve full potential.

Ambassadors are grouped by geographical region and we welcome Alanna Butchart from Scotland. Anthony Allen, Jade Knox, Katey Roberts, Lauren Walton and Mel Ramsay for the North of the UK. From London and the South East, Annie Clare, Kemi Giwa, Mabel Corsi, Poppy Parr and Sam Mickan. From the Midlands we welcome Emily Evans, Emma Thompson, Giverny Wilson-Martin, Jem Patel, Sian-Blue Rogers and Stephanie LaVita. From Ireland we welcome Monica Dalla Valle.

From mainland Europe, we welcome Barbara Leal and Salla Hiistoski from Finland, Ines Lagarto from Portugal, Jenny Ching-Wei Lee from Belgium, Nadine Juglair from Italy, Rene Otto from Netherlands and Wiktoria Wojcik from Poland and Sindi Breshani from Albania.

From the North American region, we welcome Alexa Lazerow, Carina Kom, Cynthia Bedolla, Elizabeth Dacus, Hannah Thorsen, Ilaria Di Camillo, Jennifer Curran, Libby Kamen and Shirley McPhaul. In the Rest of the World region we welcome Bianca Garcia from Brazil, Jinesha Gandhi from India and from Colombia, Maria Luz Camacho Parra.

“Women in Games is proud of all our Ambassadors, who increasingly join us from all corners of the world to support us with our vision and mission.” says Marie-Claire Isaaman, CEO Women in Games.

You can see the full list of Ambassadors including their location and job role here

Women in Games host University Diversity in Gaming/Esports Conference – 8 October

Why a conference on diversity?  Gaming is for everyone but competitive gaming is very male dominated. Women in Games want to encourage University Esports and Gaming clubs and societies to be more inclusive, welcoming more women and non-binary students, and is hosting this online event to discuss thoughts and recommendations from invited speakers. Register today at

Audience. This conference is aimed at everyone attending a UK university who is or wants to be a part of a gaming or esports club or society, or has responsibilities for a club or society at a university or college. Whilst targeted at universities in the UK, there should be parallels for students and staff at universities in other countries.

Takeaways. Attendees will learn about initiatives and best practice being developed at individual universities. Women in Games is also preparing a set of guidelines or recommendations in this area that have been drafted in consultation with tournament organisers, The NUEL and existing individual clubs and societies. This event forms part of the consultation process. All attendees will be sent these guidelines when they have been finalised.

Platform. Only those registered in advance on the Hopin platform will be able to attend this event. All attendees will be able reach out and message and chat with other attendees. This event will be a great opportunity to meet players and committee members from other universities. Register today at

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