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Interactive Selection at Festival du JeuxVideo and Game Business Summit in Paris

David Smith and Lylia Seddiki attended the Festival du JeuxVideo and Game Business Summit in Paris on Friday 10th September meeting with game developers looking for additional finance for their companies and projects. Arriving later than planned, good meetings were had once we had got our bearings. In a new format compared to previous years with the absence of SELL publisher members at the Festival, most of the show was squarely targeted at consumers but the feedback from developers who had met investors seemed to be good. We look forward to following up from our meetings.

Guillaume de Fondaumière of Heavy Rain studio Quantic Dream with David Smith

 In 2003, Guillaume de Fondaumière joined the video game development company Quantic Dream as Chief Operating Officer. He currently is co-CEO with David Cage, the founder and creative figure of Quantic Dream, CFO and executive producer of Fahrenheit, and Heavy Rain. He was elected President of the French video game trade body Association des Producteurs d’Oeuvres Multimédia (APOM) (today Syndicat National du Jeu Vidéo or SNJV) in April 2005 and was re-elected in June 2006 for two years. He has been appointed Chairman of the European Games Developer Federation. Guillaume met with David Smith from Interactive Selection at the recent Develop Conference in Brighton, UK.  His tip for joining Quantic Dream: ” We are interested in candidates that are really specialist, that own something very special, very specific that really want to develop there know how at the highest level, so that is the first thing. The second advice is play our games. Try to understand what you can bring to the studio. We are a relatively demanding group whenever we ask a candidate to come to the company we ask a lot of questions about themselves, how they would see themselves in our organisation. I would recommend them to be prepared to “pass the test” but also be themselves. It is very important for us to have people that are genuine we want to see they are passionate about what they do. We want to make sure they can really fit into an international team that is really striving for the best game.”

Interactive Selection hire dedicated French recruiter for French games market.

Interactive Selection announce today that Lylia Seddiki has joined the global games recruiter to give a dedicated service to its clients in France and French speaking Canada. Lylia has excellent experience in adult education so will be good at teaching us all on how to get the very best jobs in France and elsewhere. “It has been a long time ambition of mine to provide a better service to our clients in France,” said David Smith, Managing Director. ” We have been placing job seekers in France for over 10 years but we want to do much more. There are very few dedicated, professional games recruiters in France. The country has not been well served by the recruitment profession in the past. We hope that Lylia will show both job seekers and the best developers in France what benefits a specialist games recruiter will bring to them.” Lylia can be contacted directly by email on lylia at interactiveselection dot com

Benoit Clerc of game peripherals Bigben Interactive speaks to GameCareers.BIZ

Benoît CLERC vient d’être nommé Directeur des Acquisitions Software du Groupe Bigben Interactive en 1996. Jusqu’à 1996 Benoît CLERC s’occupait des jeux vidéo en distribution exclusive et en édition sur la France et était également « European Software Producer ». Désormais, il cumulera ces fonctions ainsi que le Sourcing et le développement des activités Jeux Vidéo pour l’ensemble des territoires couverts par le Groupe Bigben Interactive.
Bigben Interactive is now a major player in the video game industry on the main European markets. With a 32% market share in France for console peripherals, the company located in Lesquin, close to Lille, enjoys a clear leadership in its home market and a strong presence across Europe resulting from its expansion abroad started 8 years ago. Benoit Clerc was interviewed by David Smith of Game Careers .BIZ at Game Connection in Lyon in 2009.

Interactive Selection seek a French Speaking, Trainee Recruitment Consultant

Interactive Selection seek a French speaking, trainee recruitment consultant with a passion for video games to be based at its Wimbledon, UK head office. The successful applicant will be placed on the most highly developed and successful training scheme available within the recruitment industry, providing the skills required to become a thriving recruitment consultant in one of the most exciting industries on the planet.

After your initial training you will join a busy, world class recruitment team involved in all aspects of recruitment activity including:

•Developing the French and French speaking markets and your games industry knowledge to an expert level.
•Nurturing existing business relationships to ensure total recruitment services delivered
•Sourcing, developing and establishing a rapport with candidates to create a wide portfolio of candidates in the French speaking market.
•Screening and qualifying candidates against suitable opportunities.
•Managing the recruitment process from initiation to placement completion by consulting with clients over recruitment project delivery; timescales, job descriptions and interviews.

As you progress you will develop the professional, communication and commercial skills to present the company, manage and deliver recruitment projects. We can offer you an innovative environment in which to work to high standards and promise you close contact with some of the leaders in video games.

The Company
Interactive Selection is the market leading, executive search and recruitment specialist working only in games and interactive entertainment. The company was formed in 1996 with a head office in Wimbledon, London, UK, an office in Australia and associate offices in the USA, Nordic region (Sweden), Japan and now China.
Interactive Selection works with games publishers and developers all over the world, placing candidates in over 20 countries. The company does not advertise. Both clients and job seekers are attracted to the company by reputation and word of mouth.

Your Profile
Are you an outgoing entrepreneur who is business oriented and passionate about the games industry?
We only want the best; confident, self motivated, intelligent and determined individuals. You will have already demonstrated strong drive and initiative in your life. You will have strong communication skills and the ability to build relationships with a variety of people. Your ambition to succeed within a hard working, rewarding, and competitive environment must be clearly evident.

To apply
Please submit your CV with a reason for wanting to work for Interactive Selection to David Smith, Managing Director, at david at interactiveselection dot com

Joe Ryan of French developer Cyanide Games spoke to Game Careers.BIZ

Cyanide is an independent and privately held French video game development studio based in Paris. Created in 2000 it has become one of the most active and productive studios in the French video games industry. The studio is best-known for its Pro Cycling Manager series of games (a version being released each year since 2001). However, it has more than one chord to its arc as games such as Chaos League (sport fantasy RTS, 2004/2005) and Loki (RPG, 2007) have proved. They have 60 employees working at the French HQ in Paris and 15 in its Canadian studio based in Montreal. David Smith of Game Careers. BIZ met Joe Ryan at Game Connection in 2009.

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Catherine Simon of Phoenix Studio, Lyon, France speaks to Women in Games Jobs

Phoenix Studio, based in Lyon, France, is in the top 10 videogames developers in France. Phoenix is devoted to producing high-end casual gaming for the ‘Next Gen’ hardware. R&D is our strategic driving force and innovation bestows a specific identity on Phoenix. A former Infogrames Head of Studio, Catherine Simon is now the VP Business Development for Phoenix. David Smith for Women in Games Jobs caught up with Catherine at Game Connection in December. “25 years ago, when I started, it was considered to be worse than working in the adult industry but not now!”

Game Connection 2009, Lyon, France - Walk through by GameCareers.BIZ

Game Connection is a unique speed dating event for business-focused video game makers. It is a one-stop shop to meet face to face dozens of targeted potential partners involved in all stages of the production pipeline, from the concept to the outsourcing, publishing, distribution and financing, in back-to-back 30-minute meetings. 2009 hosted more than 230 exhibitors from 33 different countries. David Smith of Game Careers .BIZ made this short video clip to show the world of the adventure that is Game Connection.

10 Job Search tips from global games recruiter Interactive Selection

An issue that lots of businesses are now facing is monitoring staff that are working from home, so we recommend this remote employee monitoring software as it’s working great for us.

1. ALWAYS REGISTER WITH AT LEAST ONE AGENCY You cannot know of all the vacancies that exist in the marketplace. It is our job to know. We don’t promise to know every one, but we do know of 95% and more importantly, we know exactly who to get your resume or CV to. Don’t assume that all resumes or CV’s sent to a company find their way to the right person’s desk.

2. SELECT YOUR AGENCY CAREFULLY Who has given you a good service in the past? Which agencies have a good reputation like redwigwam does and which ones have appalling reputations? Ask around. Study testimonials on site like LinkedIn.

3. BEWARE REGISTERING WITH MULTIPLE AGENCIES Candidates good at their jobs need only work with one agency (to help organise interviews for them). Candidates only average at their job should register with different agencies in different areas of expertise – they will need more help. Do NOT register with as many agencies as possible. Some companies reject resumes or CVs if received from more than one agency because they do not want to risk disputes with different agencies. Also individual recruitment consultants value the trust of exclusive relationships and will not spend as much time on candidates that they know have registered with multiple agencies.

4. PUT TOGETHER A PROFESSIONAL RESUME OR CV Speed isn’t everything in finding your next job. Even top artists can design adisappointing resume or  CV. Get your agency to advise you on your resume or CV. They are probably writing resumes or CVs every day of the week and they know what makes a good one. You may only do it once every few years.

5. THINK ABOUT YOUR JOB HUNTING STRATEGY Think about what you realistically want from your next job. Apply for jobs that you stand a chance of getting! A senior artist job in one company may be just as prestigious and well paid as a lead artist in another company. Be flexible about the location that you want to work in. Don’t rule out relocating for the right job. This is expected more and more.

6. COMMUNICATE YOUR STRATEGY TO YOUR AGENT AND MAKE SURE THEY FOLLOW IT Discuss your strategy with your agent to make sure it is realistic. If it is, don’t let your agent send your resume or CV just anywhere. It may damage your credibility and could cost you your existing job!

7. KEEP A RECORD OF WHERE YOUR RESUME OR CV HAS BEEN SENT By all means allow your agent a free hand in selecting companies for you – only if you want your agent to have this freedom. Remember that you will get a bad reputation in the marketplace (as well as the agent) if you resume or CV goes to a company that already knows you or which you subsequently have to disappoint.

8. TALK REGULARLY WITH YOUR AGENT A good agent will always find time to talk to you. If they cannot take the call immediately, they should at least be able to return your call. The best agents are extremely busy and do not have the time for everyday chats, but they should be able to take a call every 2 weeks or so. Beware of agents that never return phone calls!

9. DONT TOLERATE POOR STANDARDS FROM A BAD AGENT! Find a good agent and develop the relationship with him or her. If you hit a serious problem, you can terminate your relationship with an agent at any time, provided that you let them know of this, preferably in writing. You are the principal and they are working for you! Most agents are professional and doing their best. But don’t tolerate bad practice or sloppy behavior. Your reputation within the marketplace is at stake. 10. DON’T PANIC! The economic climate is not good but it is improving slowly. There IS demand for game professionals provided you show a little flexibility in salary and location. Your time will come, so stay calm. A good agent will not stop working for you. You have someone looking after your interests. Work together and in 6 months time you will be wondering what all the fuss was about!

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