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Employers - How to use a recruiter?

Hiring? Looking for staff? A FAQ for Clients
Not sure how best to use a recruiter to find talent? Unsure of how to tell the good from the bad?
How does the typical relationship work?

Please read on…….

1. What does a professional recruiter do that I cannot do myself?
Recruiters like Interactive Selection provide a professional service to clients. We introduce talent to employers that otherwise could not have been found. Interactive Selection does nothing but work 24/7 to help clients be more successful, finding the most sought after talent. Individual line managers will hire staff from time to time but they will never build up the same experience and stay abreast of the art and science of recruitment as those whose livelihood depends upon it.

Interactive Selection will inform and strengthen a client’s recruitment strategy helping the client to think creatively about how to fulfill requirements.

12 years of experience mean that we can do this quickly, effectively at a cost that is well worth it.

2. Name the tangible benefits if using a professional recruiter like Interactive Selection.
Interactive Selection will save you both time and money supplying the strongest talent in the marketplace allowing you to concentrate on your core business of making games or supplying goods or services to the interactive entertainment industry. Not filling a job when this need has been identified is a substantial opportunity cost on your company. New hires will make you or save you money. You need to have them on board working for you as soon as the need is identified.

A good recruiter like Interactive Selection will work closely with the employer to promote the employers brand and advise on aspects of market rates and expectations, providing the right knowledge at the right time.

3. How can I tell a good recruiter from a bad one?
Take advice from other companies that use recruiters. Look to see if recruiters are signed up to Professional Codes of Conduct where you can complain if the service is poor. Surprisingly many recruiters in the games sector do not give this reassurance to clients. Interactive Selection has been a member of the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) in the UK since it was founded in 1996. Interactive Selection is currently the only non US recruiter accepted into the Professional Electronic Entertainment Recruiters (PEER) association.

Remember that there are cowboys in any profession. Don’t work with just anyone.

4. I need the best person for the job yesterday! What do standards matter in recruitment?
Cowboy recruiters cut corners like sending in CVs without discussing jobs with candidates first and can get lucky and find you staff. The danger is that once they have developed a relationship with you and your company, cowboys will contact the candidates you have just paid a fee for and solicit him or her to leave your company for a better job elsewhere. They may also contact other members of your team and try to place them elsewhere. Don’t give them this opportunity! Professional recruiters will never take staff from a client company.

5. How do recruiters charge?
Recruiters will typically only charge a fee when they are successful in introducing a candidate to a client and the candidate has started at the client company. The fee payable for a permanent hire is normally calculated on a percentage of the agreed first year salary of the successful candidate. This is called a contingent fee. Other pricing models exist for permanent recruitment where a quality recruiter like Interactive Selection agrees to be “retained” by the client and will receive a fee up front or on a regular basis in return for a guaranteed level of resource or service. For temporary staff a margin will be added to the total of the contractors’ salary and other employment costs.

6. What if a candidate I hire leaves shortly after starting for whatever reason?
The recruitment industry is generally sympathetic if mistakes are made and the candidate leaves within the first few months. Interactive Selection offers a sliding scale rebate of the fee payable by the client over the first 10 weeks of employment, provided our invoice is paid to terms. Interactive Selection will not entertain 100% guarantees in any circumstances.

7. What makes Interactive Selection different?

•Interactive Selection is the first and only global games recruiter with an infrastructure to give clients access to the global pool of talent.
•Interactive Selection has over 12 years of experience in attracting and delivering to clients the strongest active, job seeking talent and passive, career-minded talent.
•Interactive Selection works with over 200 employers giving clients reassurance on high levels of client satisfaction.
•Interactive Selection has the strongest team of knowledgeable, professionally qualified consultants of any specialist games recruiter giving reassurance on a high level of service.
•Interactive Selection commits to the highest professional standards giving clients reassurance on a high level of ethics.

8. Should I work with one or multiple recruiters?

For single hires, it is best to select one recruiter. For multiple hires it is sometimes appropriate to work with more than one recruiter. In these circumstances it is recommended that you choose recruiters with different specialisations or different geographical coverage. For example you could work with one recruiter who is based locally and one international recruiter. We recommend that you avoid working with many recruiters.
Recruiters like Interactive Selection seek a personal relationship with clients.

9. Is it cheaper to hire and leave all recruiting to my own in-house recruiter?

If you regularly have multiple roles to fill, a good in-house recruiter can be a sound investment. An in-house recruiter can still work with Interactive Selection to help fill the most difficult jobs. An in-house recruiter is not a substitute for an external recruiter. Only external recruiters have multiple roles to offer a candidate throughout a career so the level of trust built up between a candidate and his external recruiter will be very different.

10. Can Interactive Selection provide references of satisfied clients?

Interactive Selection does not list references on this site but you can click through to references of David Smith and his individual consultants on Linked In.