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Benoit Clerc of game peripherals Bigben Interactive speaks to GameCareers.BIZ

Benoît CLERC vient d’être nommé Directeur des Acquisitions Software du Groupe Bigben Interactive en 1996. Jusqu’à 1996 Benoît CLERC s’occupait des jeux vidéo en distribution exclusive et en édition sur la France et était également « European Software Producer ». Désormais, il cumulera ces fonctions ainsi que le Sourcing et le développement des activités Jeux [...]

Joe Ryan of French developer Cyanide Games spoke to Game Careers.BIZ

Cyanide is an independent and privately held French video game development studio based in Paris. Created in 2000 it has become one of the most active and productive studios in the French video games industry. The studio is best-known for its Pro Cycling Manager series of games (a version being released each year since 2001). [...]

Catherine Simon of Phoenix Studio, Lyon, France speaks to Women in Games Jobs

Phoenix Studio, based in Lyon, France, is in the top 10 videogames developers in France. Phoenix is devoted to producing high-end casual gaming for the ‘Next Gen’ hardware. R&D is our strategic driving force and innovation bestows a specific identity on Phoenix. A former Infogrames Head of Studio, Catherine Simon is now the VP Business [...]