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Oskar Guilbert, CEO of French Game Developer DONTNOD Entertainment, talks to Game Careers

Oskar Guilbert, Chief Executive and Founding Partner of DONTNOD Entertainment in Paris, talks to David Smith of Interactive Selection and Game Careers at GDC Europe. Oskar, the former Head of Developer Relations at Criterion Software, founded DONTNOD Entertainment with world-renowned art director Aleksi Briclot and award-winning science fiction author Alain Damasio in 2008. The independent, Paris-based studio develops AAA games for next-generation consoles and far-reaching cross-media products, based on original concepts and innovative technologies. In 2008 DONTNOD Entertainment won the French Innovative Companies Competition prize for its cutting-edge 3D real-time fluid simulation technology. DONTNOD is currently working on Adrift, a futuristic Action Adventure title set in Paris, due for release in Autumn 2012.

His advice for those thinking of applying for a job at DONTNOD: “You have to be extremely good in your own field. We need people who are specialised and can work from day one, you need to be effective from the beginning. But also, be yourself, we want people who work in a team for the experience. with good technical abilities, and share our spirit within the company which is very human. We want people who will work on new projects and be part of a team that will grow.” Watch the full clip here:

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