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Lionel Barret & Bernard Legaut of middleware developer Gamr7 meet Game Careers

Lionel Barret, Chief Executive, and Bernard Legaut, Business Development Manager of middleware developer Gamr7 in Lyon met with David Smith of Game Careers at Game Connection in November 2010. Their advice for job seekers looking to apply for a job with their company is: “All the usual routes do apply – having a portfolio and track record are of huge importance. But in the end, the thing I value the most is tenacity because it is concrete proof of the patience of a person for the job and what you are doing. So as I said, we value all professional aspects of one’s career but it boils down to your ability to work with our team and to your patience for the projects we have.” (Lionel Barret – Chief Executive). “Be inventive….because the industry changes very quickly we need to adapt to the new needs of the industry, the emerging tendancies. This is a great challenge and there is a lot of innovation from a technical point of view within the team, but also on the business side. It is impressive” (Bernard Legaut – Business Development Manager). See the full interview in the video that follows:

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