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Catherine Simon of Phoenix Studio, Lyon, France speaks to Women in Games Jobs

Phoenix Studio, based in Lyon, France, is in the top 10 videogames developers in France. Phoenix is devoted to producing high-end casual gaming for the ‘Next Gen’ hardware. R&D is our strategic driving force and innovation bestows a specific identity on Phoenix. A former Infogrames Head of Studio, Catherine Simon is now the VP Business [...]

Game Connection 2009, Lyon, France - Walk through by GameCareers.BIZ

Game Connection is a unique speed dating event for business-focused video game makers. It is a one-stop shop to meet face to face dozens of targeted potential partners involved in all stages of the production pipeline, from the concept to the outsourcing, publishing, distribution and financing, in back-to-back 30-minute meetings. 2009 hosted more than 230 [...]

10 Job Search tips from global games recruiter Interactive Selection

An issue that lots of businesses are now facing is monitoring staff that are working from home, so we recommend this remote employee monitoring software as it’s working great for us.

1. ALWAYS REGISTER WITH AT LEAST ONE AGENCY You cannot know of all the vacancies that exist in the marketplace. It is our job to know. We [...]

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