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France Games Jobs is the professional group for all working in the video games industry in France or all interested in moving to work in games in France. This is a forum to exchange ideas, help and advice on current topics and trends in jobs and careers within France. If you are a member of LinkedIn, you can now get together with over 3500 others who share the same interests. Please link through to . Start a discussion, share news! Just join the group and start networking. Allez-y.

Games Recruiter honoured with recruitment body's Honorary Fellowship.

Institute of Recruitment Professionals (IRP) Interactive Selection is pleased to announce that its MD, David Smith, has been awarded Honorary Fellowship of the Institute of Recruitment Professionals (IRP) in the UK. The Institute of Recruitment Professionals (IRP) is the representative body for individuals working within the Staffing and Recruitment Industry. Established in 2009 in its present form, but tracing its history back for over 80 years,the IRP helps its members maintain and develop their careers, providing a clear differentiator for the professional recruiter. All IRP members abide by a Code of Ethics, and commit to upholding best practice. HonFIRP status is the highest accolade of individual members and is only awarded to those members who have demonstrated an outstanding career and outstanding personal contribution to REC, IRP and the recruitment industry. The Honorary Fellowship is awarded annually at the Recruitment & Employment Confederation’s (REC’s) AGM and David bagged 1 of the 2 on offer. All in all, there are about 100000 working in UK recruitment and we understand that under 20 have been given this honour. David commented, “I am thrilled with this award. It is another first for the games industry. Recognition by your peers counts for a lot. My work in the recruitment profession, just as in the games industry is ongoing and I look forward to working with the REC and IRP to advance its standing still further.”

FRANCE 24 Tech 24 : Gaming Special on Paris Games Week

A Tech24 fully dedicated to video games takes you to the Paris Games Week to talk to professional gamers about their work; stick around for a test of the “Call of Duty: Ghosts”. Plus, a landmark exhibit at the Paris Museum of Science pays homage to one of the most fascinating medium of our times.

Quantic Dream's MD David Cage shows off an old man's deepest emotions in realtime utilizing the PlayStation 4 via Gamespot.

Quantic Dream’s MD David Cage shows off an old man’s deepest emotions in realtime utilizing the PlayStation 4 via Gamespot.

Nicolas Gaume, President of SNJV & Mamba Nation developer Mimesis talks to Game Careers

Nicolas Gaume, President of the French developer trade association Syndicat National du Jeu Video and also of Mamba Nation developer Mimesis Republic in Paris, France, talks to David Smith of Interactive Selection and Game Careers at gamescom in Cologne, Germany. Nicolas Gaume founded Kalisto Entertainment, a video game development studio, in 1990, at the age of 19. Over its 12 years of life, Kalisto produced more than 50 titles for PC and consoles. Kalisto also worked with Orange to launch their mobile games efforts. The company employed a staff of over 350 people in the USA, Japan and France. Besides his Kalisto venture, Nicolas Gaume founded NGM Productions in 1994, a children book publishing company in China. NGM published popular French series such as “Père Castor” (Flammarion) or “Les Incollables/Brain Quest” (Play Bac) between 1994 and 1999, when the company was sold. He was also board member of the French media group Sud-Ouest, of the TV animation production company, Xilam, and the German data management software publisher, NXN, sold in 2004 to Avid. Nicolas has also worked as a consultant advising media groups, primarily on their development & partnerships strategies, and for three years, Nicolas was Senior VP & GM of the mobile games & applications division of Cellfish Media.

In Early 2008, he founded Mimesis Republic, focusing on the design, development and operation of virtual worlds and social networks. He also currently serves as chairman of the French national video game development school -ENJMIN- and president of the French game developers association, SNJV. His advice to people thinking of applying for a job with Mimesis Republic: “For Mimesis, besides the usual standard of quality, expertise, demanding, passion, a demonstration of all these skills that we require for any games studio. I think its also eagerness to understand the new digital lives of teenagers and adults and how people will actually go to on social networks and mobile phones and try see how the game expertise that we have can apply to these new fields. So particularly we are interested beyond the expertise, in the eagerness to learn the new behaviours of the new gamers and games to come.” See the full clip here:

Oskar Guilbert, CEO of French Game Developer DONTNOD Entertainment, talks to Game Careers

Oskar Guilbert, Chief Executive and Founding Partner of DONTNOD Entertainment in Paris, talks to David Smith of Interactive Selection and Game Careers at GDC Europe. Oskar, the former Head of Developer Relations at Criterion Software, founded DONTNOD Entertainment with world-renowned art director Aleksi Briclot and award-winning science fiction author Alain Damasio in 2008. The independent, Paris-based studio develops AAA games for next-generation consoles and far-reaching cross-media products, based on original concepts and innovative technologies. In 2008 DONTNOD Entertainment won the French Innovative Companies Competition prize for its cutting-edge 3D real-time fluid simulation technology. DONTNOD is currently working on Adrift, a futuristic Action Adventure title set in Paris, due for release in Autumn 2012.

His advice for those thinking of applying for a job at DONTNOD: “You have to be extremely good in your own field. We need people who are specialised and can work from day one, you need to be effective from the beginning. But also, be yourself, we want people who work in a team for the experience. with good technical abilities, and share our spirit within the company which is very human. We want people who will work on new projects and be part of a team that will grow.” Watch the full clip here:

Interactive Selection hire former Ubisoft recruiter to HO team in London

I am pleased to anounce that Aurelie Busollo who spent 2 years working as HR & Communication Manager for Ubisoft Pune in India has now joined Interactive Selection as a Consultant based in the London office. Taking over from Lylia Seddiki, she will be managing the relationship with all French speaking clients and job seekers. She will aso be developing the market in India. Aurelie is a graduate of the AUDENCIA Nantes, School of Management and spent 2 years in India working for Ubisoft under the VIE programme. She helped build the Ubisoft studio in Pune to 160 professional staff as Head of the HR department. An experienced HR professional with excellent recruiting skills, she has recently moved to London to develop her career in the games industry. Job seekers may contact her directly on aurelie AT interactiveselection .com

Lionel Barret & Bernard Legaut of middleware developer Gamr7 meet Game Careers

Lionel Barret, Chief Executive, and Bernard Legaut, Business Development Manager of middleware developer Gamr7 in Lyon met with David Smith of Game Careers at Game Connection in November 2010. Their advice for job seekers looking to apply for a job with their company is: “All the usual routes do apply – having a portfolio and track record are of huge importance. But in the end, the thing I value the most is tenacity because it is concrete proof of the patience of a person for the job and what you are doing. So as I said, we value all professional aspects of one’s career but it boils down to your ability to work with our team and to your patience for the projects we have.” (Lionel Barret – Chief Executive). “Be inventive….because the industry changes very quickly we need to adapt to the new needs of the industry, the emerging tendancies. This is a great challenge and there is a lot of innovation from a technical point of view within the team, but also on the business side. It is impressive” (Bernard Legaut – Business Development Manager). See the full interview in the video that follows:

Salima Bessahraoui of Games PR agency Cosmocover from Lille speaks to Women in Games Jobs

Salima Bessahraoui is the Owner and Global Marketing Manager of Cosmocover from Lille, France which is a cutting edge international marketing and PR agency dedicated to the interactive entertainment industry. While at the Game Connection in Lyon, France in November 2010, Salima met David Smith to discuss Women in the Games Industry. Salima gave her advice to women wanting to work in the games industry, “Just go for it. Investigate, experiment, try to define your own personality in your job. Try to meet new people, try to learn, especially if you can meet a person with more experience that can teach you from his/her past mistakes. That is definitely something to do.” See the full interview that follows:

Frederique Doumic CEO of OUAT Entertainment speaks to Women in Games Jobs

Frederique Doumic is the CEO of Ouat Entertainment. Based in France, Ouat specializes in creating, designing and publishing casual video games for women and kids. Frederique met up with David Smith of Women in Games Jobs at the Game Connection Conference in Lyon in November 2010. Frederique gave her advice on women working in the game industry, “I would say play, be yourself, bring what you have to bring, but I would say that to males. You have to find your place and there are a lot of places for women in this industry.” See the full interview by clicking on the video link: